Part V – Window of Opportunity

Himachal Pradesh India

Letters from a Strange Land.


My Dearest,

As a new day dawns, and the gentle winds settle in, your worries – the Darkness within, starts melting in the soft light of the sun.
I see you climb out of your bed slowly, you See, and rush to the window. What do you See, my little one?
You See a new world shining its way into your heart, purging your soul. I see a peaceful calm on your beautiful face, slowly giving way to excitement.
Your life is changing. With each turn of the Earth on its axis, a new perspective adding to your world view. You see endless new possibilities. You see a horizon across the brightly lit sky.
You look happy. Hope is back in your heart again.
Letters from a Strange Land is a series of my musings during my Spiti trip in September 2018. Of the many countless adventures that I had, overflowing tranquility seized me when I looked at the mountains of the Valley. This series is my metaphysical and spiritual journey, as told by the Spitian Mountains to me. In my moments of peace, I could feel my soul reverberating with their centuries’ old energy. 
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