Part IV – Sunset at Dhankar

Himachal Pradesh India

Letters from a Strange Land.

My Dearest,

The light dims, and yet you walk. You descend from my slopes, thinking about the ink you will spread on your white sheets. Just like the day is washed bright by the sun, slowly taken over by the inky skies spreading its lullaby in the skies. The sun sets with its fiery tribute in the skies, as if every day is the last day and it needs to salute the world in its finest manner possible. It’s fading light hits the last crescendo – fierce orange giving way to soft pink rays before darkness descends.
I see that you’re not afraid of the darkness anymore. Your terrors of the night cleansed by the beauty of each sun set you see. Your fears purged in the fire of the fading sun, as you walk away from it. 
It’s the cycle of life you’re seeing. The fading glory of the past will always give way to a shining new light of the future. Tomorrow will always be a new day, till then, enjoy the fading light of Now.
Letters from a Strange Land is a series of my musings during my Spiti trip in September 2018. Of the many countless adventures that I had, overflowing tranquility seized me when I looked at the mountains of the Valley. This series is my metaphysical and spiritual journey, as told by the Spitian Mountains to me. In my moments of peace, I could feel my soul reverberating with their centuries’ old energy. 
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