Part III – CB 13

Himachal Pradesh India

Letters from a Strange Land.


My Dearest,

In the beginning your spirit looked broken. You looked tired and defeated by your world. You ran as fast as your little legs could take you, and fell straight into my lap. Day after day, you sought comfort in me – you walked, you climbed, you conquered. Each step was a step towards your Freedom – the freedom of your soul. 
I see you now, as you were and as you always should be. That strong, confident woman reverberating with the Universe’s energy. Your self belief glows through your soul – the joy on your face, the smile on your lips, the skip in your step is back again! How strange is it that my dry, airless environment can bring life and vigour back into you again!
This picture is very dear to my heart. It was (supposedly) the last day of our trip. We had trekked from Kunzum pass to Chandratal for half a day and had reached the lake at night. The moon was like a spotlight on us, brightening every step we took. Just as we were returning from the lake and walking towards the parking lot, I couldn’t help but place my camera right at the peak you see – Chandra Bhaga 13 / CB13. And voila! The milky way spouting out of its peak while the soft rays of the moon flooded from the left of the frame. For me that was it. I was done with astrophotography in Spiti. I had seen perfection.
Letters from a Strange Land is a series of my musings during my Spiti trip in September 2018. Of the many countless adventures that I had, overflowing tranquility seized me when I looked at the mountains of the Valley. This series is my metaphysical and spiritual journey, as told by the Spitian Mountains to me. In my moments of peace, I could feel my soul reverberating with their centuries’ old energy. 
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