Part II – Parang Ri


Letters from a Strange Land


My Dearest,

You underestimate your strength. When you think that conquering my peak is impossible, it is just that one step that matters. The game we play, is a game of the mind, not of the body. You will huff, you will puff, but your iron Will will take you through.
And you will reach my crown in all your glory. Each peak: a conquest of your mind. Your flags lapping in the wind, the wind swishing through your hair will make you feel like a Victor. Each breath at my peak replenishes the fatigue you faced while climbing, oh the fresh mountain air! Each breath at my peak replenishes every worry in your mind with just one thought – you made it. You Conquered. 
If you freeze that moment in Time, you will realise – nothing else matters. That moment in Time is that moment you have lived just in that moment – you are Being You. 

Letters from a Strange Land is a series of my musings during my Spiti trip in September 2018. Of the many countless adventures that I had, overflowing tranquility seized me when I looked at the mountains of the Valley. This series is my metaphysical and spiritual journey, as told by the Spitian Mountains to me. In my moments of peace, I could feel my soul reverberating with their centuries’ old energy. 

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