Part I – The Milky Way

Himachal Pradesh India

Letters from a Strange Land


My Dearest,

At long last, you’re Here. You feel strange, overwhelmed even, at what you see. Cold barren slopes, strewn by rocks fallen from Nature’s fury unleashed on me. Nevertheless, I stand silent and resolute. I watch over you as you wind through me. 
I welcome you to my strange land. My first gift to you, is the gift of boundless curiosity. I rip my bosom, part the skies, to show you the glory Beyond. Stars shining bright in the sky, planets gleaming in the sun set beyond the horizon. There is a Universe out there much bigger than You and I. It makes a streak of fire that dazzles in all its glory, against the cold, inky night sky. 
It is my gift of Wonder to you. A Wonder of the World Beyond. A hope of traversing beyond the realms of the Bound on Earth, into the Universe Unbound, where your brethren plant their feet to explore another life to live. Where someday, You and I can meet on my undulating slopes again.
Letters from a Strange Land is a series of my musings during my Spiti trip in September 2018. Of the many countless adventures that I had, overflowing tranquility seized me when I looked at the mountains of the Valley. This series is my metaphysical and spiritual journey, as told by the Spitian Mountains to me. In my moments of peace, I could feel my soul reverberating with their centuries’ old energy. 
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