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Before a travel writer, I am a reader. One of my constant sources of inspiration is reading travel stories, either in the form of words or pictures that reach me from you.

Fellow travellers / Inspiration Seekers:

For those who have a travel yarn, or seek help in the form of queries or recommendations, or simply want to be wonderful human beings and say hello, I am right here for you, and would love to hear from you!

Freelance writing assignments and blogging campaigns:

I am open to collaborations and invites from travel magazines, guides, travel websites, travel companies, tourism boards (India and abroad), and accommodations, that provide a unique experience or perspective on travel, which fit within bagpackerbear’s philosophy.

I am also open to writing for travel blogs as a guest writer that fit within bagpackerbear’s travel impressions.

Please note that I will prioritise paid assignments over consults, engagements and write-ups that are for free.

Travel bloggers / Guest Posts:

I am on a constant lookout for wonderful stories that enhance the movement that I am trying to create with bagpackerbear. I am open to receiving guest posts, which, after curating, I am happy to post on my website.

To read more about bagpackerbear’s philosophy see: About bagpackerbear.

To read more about me, see: About Me.

How to reach me:

For the quickest response, please use the following links:

Email    Instagram    Facebook    Twitter    

Specifically for Emails:

For writing assignments, please also CC:

For queries/recommendations, etc:




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