About Me

It is a privilege to be able to figure out what makes your heart still. What is it that takes your breath away, and then contemplate why you are lucky to be alive, and to be a part of this scheme of things.”

My name is Priyanka Vora and I am an Indian travel writer. I’ve had the honour of being a lawyer in Mumbai and New Delhi for four years after graduating from law school, only to realize over time that I may have another purpose.

I am currently based out of New Delhi, India and am on the path of becoming a freelance travel writer.

The Genesis

Whether I wake up in my home or in the mountains far away from home – the fiery sun rising from the horizon, touching its gaze in rays of pink, orange and yellow – never ceases to amaze me.”

I come from a typical Indian middle class family of four. From childhood however, my parents have always planned holidays and given us an opportunity to travel the world. They’ve been instrumental in teaching us to live in the present, after all, “where will we go tying our money to our chests after life?” my mother quipped.

Apart from the trips to Lonavala, or Kullu Manali, my first tryst with travelling out of my comfort zone began when we decided to move to Zambia, Africa. After spending three surreal years there, we moved back to India, but continued our holidays across the world. With limited budgets but hearts full of excitement, we travelled to the United States, Switzerland, France, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. I learnt the value of time, money and living in the present then. Not to mention, an insatiable curiosity to see the world.

My law career

“Till we have our day in the sun, we must keep trying. The Earth goes through rough and tumbles too. The Cosmos experiences big bangs. Then why shouldn’t we? In the end, the tumult brings out the beautiful.” 

In 2008, I moved from Mumbai to Hyderabad and received a formal education in law for five years. Apart from the formal degree, I met my friends from all over the country (and some outside). Most importantly, I met my missing piece, Siddhant. After dating for over 7 years, we got married in 2015.

After graduation, I was a law clerk to a judge in the Supreme Court of India, New Delhi for a year, and became a litigator at two of India’s leading law firms for another four years.

The transition

“I fall. I make mistakes. I rise again. Haven’t you ever seen the waves do that too?”

While practicing law, travelling had always been at the back of my mind. After years of contemplation, I finally quit my job in 2017 to pursue a full-time career in travel. It took me a year to figure out what I wanted to do specifically.

I cannot be a nomad, I am married to a budding and busy lawyer. My anchor is, and will always be in New Delhi. That said, however, I travel for extensive periods of time and often alone. I am not torn between being at home and travelling as a career, that debate had a short life. However, I have a home, and I will always come back to it.

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I will keep updating this space as and when I achieve significant milestones in my life. To stay tuned for my daily trysts, please see my homepage for latest posts, and my social media pages. The links are below! To contact me, you can visit the “Contact” page on my website (on the menu bar). I am happy to lend an ear, or receive any feedback you may have.