About bagpackerbear

“Writers, of course, are obliged by our professions to spend much of our time going nowhere. Our creations come not when we’re out in the world, gathering impressions, but when we’re sitting still, turning those impressions into sentences. Our job, you could say, is to turn through stillness, a life of movement into art…”

– Pico Iyer, The Art of Stillness, p. 21, Emphasis supplied.

 The philosophy behind bagpackerbear is just this. My travels are not about counting the places that I’ve visited; it is more about the imprints that each place leaves on me. I have a home, and a husband that I come home to. I use my time travelling to places for movement. When I come home, I use the movement to transform those impressions into creations.


These creations have been collated into my project, that is Bagpackerbear. I’ve categorized the creations in the following manner:


1. Destinations

A succinct guide of my travels to a particular place. The itineraries. It is for those interested in travelling to that place and get information about it.

2. Travel Lifestyle

Pieces on thoughts related to travel, general information and impressions that I form while travelling. You can find some practical tips and tricks related to travelling in this space.

3. Travel Write-ups

My travel pieces to read with your favourite cup of tea or coffee. The physical movement of travel that begins with impressions, and converts to “lasting insights”.

4. Vegetarianism

My opinion on travelling as a vegetarian, and food places that helped me survive where I was travelling.

5. My photographic journey

Pictures that I have curated, that give a photographic impression of my travels. My pet peeves are landscape photography and astrophotography. This is an evolving subject; I photograph what piques my interest, and, as materialistic as this sounds, depending on the camera lens I’ve bought for that period.

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Footnote: I cannot emphasize enough about the greatness in Pico Iyer’s writings. I urge you to read his book, “The Art of Stillness” among the other wonderful books that he has written. For more information, please visit his website: http://picoiyerjourneys.com/